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A Professional Sports Helmet Manufacturer

We are a value-driven brand with a passion for outdoor sports.Our lives are closely related to sports. Outdoor sports can exercise and have a good mood. For example, kayaking,whitewater,rock climbing,hiking,caving, cycling,skateboard can create a high quality life.These sports need excellent protective gear.

We have study in outdoor sport helmet over 10 years, such as water helemt,climbing helmet,caving helmet, equestrian helmet,skiing helmet and other sport accessories. Tontron's products are sold all over the world. welcome to the people of the world to buy, and at the same time uphold the principle of good quality and low price, perfect after-sales system can make customers buy the rest assured, use the rest assured. Tontron treats all customes with sincerity and respect.


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We provide wholesale and OEM services. Please contact us if necessary.

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Business Philosophy

Creating a better everyday life for the masses is the vision of Tontron®. Our business philosophy is " to provide a wide variety of beautiful, practical and affordable items."

By optimizing our entire value chain, establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers, investing in highly automated and mass production methods, we strive to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices. Our vision is not limited to sport gear. We hope to create a better life for the public through hard work.

Tontron's vision is the cornerstone of our growth and development.Most of our profits will be reinvested in our existing and new listings, investing in product design and sustainable solutions, and continuing to Continue to provide higher value helmets for our customers.


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