5_Tontron® Watersports Helmet Bump Cap

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  • ● ADVANCED ABS HEAD PROTECTION: An ABS shell assists in averting head impact injuries during aquatic activities. Complies with the CE EN 815 bump cap safety standard.
  • ● Suitable low speed leisure sports for:kayaking,rafting,paddling,surfing,kiteboarding, wakeboarding, sailing,water skiing,surf foil.
  • ● One size:(22.4-4in)|(57-61cm).
Do you ever have these concerns while taking part in low-speed water recreational activities?
While conventional hats can shield you from sunlight, they do not offer protection against head injuries resulting from falling branches or collisions with stones.
When donning a water sports helmet that weighs more than 450 grams, do you experience apprehension that the helmet's weight might strain your neck?

Tontron's Watersports Bump Cap offers a resolution to these concerns.
This watersports bump cap by Tontron seamlessly integrates a bump cap, an ABS anti-collision shell, and EVA lining. While retaining the timeless baseball cap design, it delivers head protection against collisions. Simultaneously, the soft EVA lining ensures a comfortable fit.
More about Wamuser watersports Bump Cap
  • ADVANCED ABS HEAD PROTECTION: An ABS shell assists in averting head impact injuries during aquatic activities. Complies with the CE EN 815 bump cap safety standard.
  • THE EVA LINER ADVANTAGE: Our EVA liner ensures an unparalleled combination of waterproof protection and exceptional comfort for a superior wearing experience.
  • UNMATCHED SUN PROTECTION: The UPF 50+ sun protection cap provides the most robust sun protection on the market, blocking over 98% of harmful UV sun rays.
  • The Wasumer cap is crafted from waterproof nylon fabric, making it easy to clean, breathable, quick-drying, wear-resistant, lightweight, and exceptionally comfortable, weighing only 190g (0.4lb).
  • The Tontron bump cap is purposefully designed to withstand water impacts, making it ideal for activities such as kayaking, rafting, paddling, surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, sailing, water skiing, and surf foiling.
  • It features an adjustable webbing buckle at the back and comes in a one size (22.4-24 inches or 57-61 cm).

Y-Strap system

The Y-Strap configuration is an optimal design for preventing excessive forward or backward rocking in the cap. The Y-Strap design effectively addresses the issue of unstable airflow within the cap during dynamic activities like surf foiling.

Reflective strip

The addition of a reflective strip improves visibility in low-light conditions, particularly during the nighttime.

Adjustable buckle

The buckle enables precise adjustment of the head circumference, allowing for micro-adjustments.

Waterproof bead and quick dry abric

Made to perfection with nylon fabric that is waterproof bead, easy to clean, quick-drying, and resistant to wear.

What is ABS?

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a highly versatile plastic renowned for its applicability in the manufacture of products like keyboards, luggage cases, and various impact-resistant items. Notably, it maintains its strength in both high and low-temperature environments, and remains sturdy and rigid even under heavy usage. Consequently, it is a prevalent choice for crafting helmets across a diverse spectrum of sports and is Tontron's preferred material to ensure optimal safety and usability.

What is EVA?

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam is an ideal material for enhancing the impact resistance and comfort of bump caps.

Opting for this cap is the optimal choice if you seek both head protection and a stylish baseball cap.

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  • Name:Tontron Wasumer Watersports Helmet Bump Cap
  • Material:Nylon,ABS,EVA
  • Color:Black,Blue,Gray,Green
  • Head size:(22.4-4in)|(57-61cm)
  • Cap size:10.8x7.9x4.7in
  • Weight:190g | 0.4lb
  • Gender:Mem,Women
suitable for:kayaking,rafting,paddling,surfing,kiteboarding, wakeboarding, sailing,water skiing,surf foil...

5 reviews for 5_Tontron® Watersports Helmet Bump Cap

  1. Ava Jimy

    Excellent quality and fit, Great hat for anyone with a fall risk

  2. EthanOlivia

    Great hat for a great price!

  3. LiamCharlotte

    Fonctionne super bien, très utile, j’adore

  4. MichaelEmily

    Fit is great because it’s adjustable!I weared it surfing.work well.

  5. claude aldrich

    good surfing cap.fit me well

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