3# ipoob Kayaking Canoe Whitewater Helmet

(10 customer reviews)
  • Classic design watersports helmet for whitewater kayak canoe paddle kitesurf.
  • Equipped with reinforced ABS shell & quick dry soft EVA absorption liner.
  • X-Large(23.6-24.4in)|(60-62cm).Large(22.8-23.6in)|(58-60cm). Medium (22.0-23.6in)|(56-58cm). Small(21.3-22.0in)|(54-56cm).

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We focus on providing high-performance helmets for outdoor use. We test and apply diagnostic testing for durability. Our helmets comply with CE standards according to European health, safety standards. At present, our helmets have been widely used in many water sports and outdoor activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing and caving, and everything in between.

ipood ipood IP-WH Water Sports Helmet

  • ABS outer shell for maximum protection and EVA lining for proper absorbing impact energy technology. Meets CE EN 1385 water sports safety standards.
  • Comfortable, waterproof and quick dry EVA liner.
  • Ventilation designed for improved airflow.
  • The helmets equipped with adjustable back of head closure system,to provide minor adjustment for different head size.
  • Helmets are structurally designed with metal rivets and long-lasting components tested by salt water spray.
What is ABS?
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a plastic used for its versatility in making keyboards, luggage cases, and other types of impact-resistant products. It is reasonably strong at high and low temperatures. It is strong and rigid even when it is used heavily. For these reasons, it is commonly used for all types of helmets across a wide range of sports and is a go-to for ipoob for maximum safety and usability.

What is EVA? EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a foam that is ideal for making helmets more impact resistant and can provide bouyancy so that the paddling helmet is easy to retrieve.

11 Air-vents

11 Air-vents system for breathing.vents in the front to draw fresh air in while sweat moisture is pulled out the back. Keep your head cool on hot days.

Size Adjustment Dial

Dial is designed with a large-size gripable pattern to increase ergonomic comfort and ease of use.

Dial Protective Cushion

All Tontron watersport helmets have a protective cushioning as a part of the design to relieve stress and strain on the back of the head and neck.

Chin Protective Pad

A standard on Tontrons paddling helmets is protective chin padding meant to relieve strain on the chin and jaw when dropping into rough water.


A Y-Strap design (17mm) which is an ideal design for stabilizing the helmet from rocking to far forward or backward. A Retention strap system can also withstand abrasive wear and tear and is waterproof per 7.7(Whitewater CE 1385 Standard).

10 reviews for 3# ipoob Kayaking Canoe Whitewater Helmet

  1. fr811_Greenjay

    SUPERB -Took it down the Grand Canyon
    Other paddlers were asking and tried it on too. They all love it. So did I. Can’t beat it for the price.

    Very good piece of gear.

  2. Jackson

    Light, yes Still Protective!
    Here in Jackson Co. Alabama, we have more caves per square foot than anywhere in the country! As a new caver, I’m anxious to start the exploring process but that first meant purchasing reliable gear. This helmet, headlamp combo was the perfect gear to transition from beginner to intermediate level due to the ease of use, yet durable capabilities. Bonus, that the helmet already came with hardware to secure the headlamp too. Looking forward to using this pair for years to come.

  3. siennaw

    My husband says that this helmet is really comfortable to wear, plus he can be seen more easily with the orange color that I picked for him.

  4. burchkillian

    Love the style and fit of this helmet. Plus it fits my large Norwegian head! Woohoo! The green is epic and gorgeous.
    As described and fits mg huge dome

  5. barnettnathalie

    Great helmet for the price! Fit retention system works really well for fit adjustment. Would buy again.

  6. West

    Very good looking, high quality, quality webbing, rubber insert is quite firm, and i like the ear covers. The adjuster seems at the moment a bit exposed at the back of the neck. But we will see when cycling & surfing. High quality.

  7. wekings

    Light weight, lots of venting. Used a few times now on the crag. Highly recommend especially for the price

  8. Susan

    Fit perfectly.
    I felt safe with this helmet and would recommend this to anyone.

  9. breebenlove

    Great Value

  10. Greenhill

    lightweight and comfortable

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