Tontron Watersports Helmet with LED Light Troffers and GoPro Mount Plate

  • Universal GoPro NVG mount plate and LED light troffer.
  • High impact ABS shell and soft EVA liner.
  • 11 Air-vents system and Adjustable back of head regulator.
  • Large(22.8-23.6in)|(58-60cm). Medium (22.0-23.6in)|(56-58cm).

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Tontron TC-WHLN serials water helmet

  • Tontron helmets are integrated GoPro mount plate,which can install universal GoPro housing case.Sporter can record the whole funny sports process.
  • This helmets are integrated two light troffers,which can install LED light.
  • This helmets are made of high impact ABS shell ,to prevent damage when hitting the water at high speed.
  • This helmets are made of soft and waterproof EVA liner,to provide comfy experience to sporter when playing.
  • This helmets equipped with adjustable back of head closure system,to provide minor adjustment for different head size.
  • This rivets of helmets are made of black stainless steel, which has been tested by salt spray. It will not rust or fall off when exposed to water.

Suitable for the following sports


Size Adjustment Dial

Dial is designed with large-size flower pattern to increase the friendly contact with hands.

Dial Protective Cushion

Adding a soft cushion is to improve the comfort of the contact between dial and head, and avoid being scratched.

Chin Protective Pad

Chin protective pad is to increase the comfort of Chin contact with strap.


Strap width is 17mm.Retention strap system can bear enough movement tensionm.


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