1_Tontron® Whitewater Paddling Helmet

(19 customer reviews)
  • ● ABS hard shell, quick dry comfortable EVA liner & ear protector.
  • ● Meets CE EN 1385 whitewater sports safety standard.Suitable for kayaking,rafting,SUP,surfing,canyoning...
  • ● X-Large(23.6-24.4in)|(60-62cm).Large(22.8-23.6in)|(58-60cm). Medium (22.0-23.6in)|(56-58cm). Small(21.3-22.0in)|(54-56cm).

Whether you like to charge hard down the whitewater rivers or simply want to explore the rivers in the woods, Tontron Watersports Helmet adds a line of defense between you and chance sharp rocks or fallen logs. This includes a kayak helmet, rafting helmet, or a whitewater helmet.
Water sports helmets
are used by professionals and amateurs as a safety precaution. During a rafting trip, it is possible at any time that they can hit a rock or whitewater that can suddenly thrust anyone into the water. At any point in the river there may be an unexpected rock or tree that someone could hit their head on. It is important to wear a professional helmet at all times during these activities.

Let's go and start the river trip.

Tontron® Whitewater TC-WH01 Paddling Helmet

  • ABS outer shell protection,EVA for added comfort.Meets CE EN 1385 water sports safety standard.
  • Ear protectors l provide necessary protection and cushioning of ears and won’t obstruct hearing. Removable ear protection pads also provide extra versatility.
  • Stainless Steel Rivets are standard for Tontron paddling helmets, to reduce rust exposure to salt water.
  • Adjustable back of head dial.X-Large(23.6-24.4in)|(60-62cm).Large(22.8-23.6in)|(58-60cm). Medium (22.0-23.6in)|(56-58cm). Small(21.3-22.0in)|(54-56cm)..Helmet weight:413g.
What is ABS?

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a plastic used for its versatility in making keyboards, luggage cases, and other types of impact-resistant products. It is reasonably strong at high and low temperatures. It is strong and rigid even when it is used heavily. For these reasons, it is commonly used for all types of helmets across a wide range of sports and is a go-to for Tontron for maximum safety and usability.

What is EVA?
EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a foam that is ideal for making helmets more impact resistant and can provide bouyancy so that the paddling helmet is easy to retrieve.
Tontron Helmet with Removable Visor (Optional)
Using sample
A visor that is ideal for extra protection from the sun, rain and excessive white water. This visor can easily attach to your paddle helmet. With a Tontron visor, your vison is clear no matter the weather and water.

11 Air-vents

11 Air-vent system for quick cooling on hot days and long journeys. Venting from the front to the back helps to keep you going without unecessary adjustments or needing to remove the helmet unecessarily.

Size Adjustment Dial

Dial is designed with a large-size gripable pattern to increase ergonomic comfort and ease of use.

Dial Protective Cushion

All Tontron watersport helmets have a protective cushioning as a part of the design to relieve stress and strain on the back of the head and neck.

Chin protective pad

A standard on Tontrons paddling helmets is protective chin padding meant to relieve strain on the chin and jaw when dropping into rough water.


A Y-Strap design (17mm) which is an ideal design for stabilizing the helmet from rocking to far forward or backward. A Retention strap system can also withstand abrasive wear and tear and is waterproof per 7.7(Whitewater CE 1385 Standard).

How to measure?

To determine the correct helmet size, wrap a measure tape around your head, keeping the tape just above the ears and level front to back.

This should be the widest part of your head.


Opting for this helmet is the optimal choice if you seek both head protection and a stylish water sports helmet.

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  • Name:Tontron Whitewater Paddling Helmet
  • Material:ABS,EVA
  • Color:black,white,blue,yellow,orange,green,grey
  • Weight:413g | 0.9lb
  • Gender:Mem,Women
  • Size:X-Large(23.6-24.4in)|(60-62cm).Large(22.8-23.6in)|(58-60cm). Medium (22.0-22.8in)|(56-58cm). Small(21.3-22.0in)|(54-56cm).

suitable for:kayaking,rafting,paddling,surfing,kiteboarding, wakeboarding, sailing,water skiing,surf foil...

19 reviews for 1_Tontron® Whitewater Paddling Helmet

  1. Carlos

    Useful and stylish.

  2. Nightwish

    Top product!

  3. Ricardo V. Choy

    It’s a great helmet for the price and definitely gets the job done! Very lightweight and adjustable for comfort.

  4. Mark

    Great fit
    Fit was nice .. provided good protection very comfortable

  5. Cristian

    Perfect helmet for me. Great fit and feels robust. I feel safer and more relaxed while wearing it on the water.Wish I had made this purchase earlier. Saved me from a few bumps on the head already. As for the phone pouch that comes with it…..let’s just say that the helmet is of much better quality than the pouch….! Don’t base your purchasing decision on the pouch. All in all, for me it was a very good deal for the money. Also looks more universal than the dedicated ski or bicycling or skateboard helmets and would be a good one to consider if looking at saving from having so many helmets.

  6. admin

    Wakeboarding helmet works great!

  7. admin

    Wakeboarding helmet works great!
    Really happy with the helmet. I got this for wakeboarding behind a boat and I’m really glad I got it. I was a bit skeptical because it’s less expensive than many big-name brands, but I’m not skeptical not anymore. I wanted a helmet with ear protection for hard falls when the side of my head hits the water first and it works great. Falling sideways or backwards is MUCH less painful which gives me a lot more confidence when trying tricks and jumps. The fit is good and the adjustable knob allows me to dial-in the fit. I really don’t notice it all when I’m riding, but I’m very glad I have it on when I have a hard fall.

  8. Dacevedojkg

    Gotta admit, I am pleased. I was initially deterred by the off-name brand, assuming it was flimsy or a foreign knock off. SO I bought the Bert with the brim… It felt like a bucket on my head, even with the dial adjustment. SO I returned it and decided to give this one a try. It fits very well. Looks great. I went with the wood grain pattern. The entire helmet is very flexible , despite providing adequate protection. The ear pads are removable, but I only left them in for 10 seconds because they began to hurt my ears immediately. They are soft but for whatever reason, resulted in too much pressure against my ears, hence the 4 stars instead of 5. I would buy again

  9. pc464342

    It’s a great helmet for the price and definitely gets the job done! Very lightweight and adjustable for comfort. The only drawback is that the plastic for the adjustment kinda bothers my ears a bit. But for starting out this is great!

  10. mclaughlinariana

    Love the helmet, very comfortable. We wore them for white water rafting. Only thing is the blue is more of a bright blue than powder blue as in the picture but I loved the color regardless.

  11. bradleyaaliyah69

    I like that it is so light. The big ones make you feel like you got a big motorcycle helmet on.

  12. lowery


  13. Terryken

    Great helmet for kayaking.

  14. Shamsi

    level: A

  15. Ben Davis

    Great fitting helmet! Though the ear pads don’t come off like the directions say they do. They are glued in place. It’s a great helmet and I can’t wait to use it this summer.

  16. ninihoow

    Amazing helmet for the price and just what I need for low angle rope rescue

  17. Hill

    Great experience

  18. Veta

    It’s amazing designed for me to have a site, which is helpful in support of my knowledge.
    thanks admin

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  19. MasonAmelia

    This has saved my head countless times as I’ve been kayaking. Worth every penny.

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